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In Bowman game you aim on firing an arrow at another archer. It's up to you to determine whether your oppponent will be your computer or some other player. Your main goal is to draw your bow, by trying to hit the target before the target has the time to shoot back. The most important thing for you is to remember that each shot your fire away might be your last one. So, you have to be careful and shoot precisely... Afterall your life depends on it. In order to achieve your goal and fire an arrow, you have to click anywhere in the game window, but you have to be certain that there is enough space to place your angle, as to be able to move your mouse in any direction until you'll be able to release the left button of your mouse, when you are about to shoot. In case you wish to alter the settings of the game, you can go to the main menu, then click the settings and alter the parameters as you wish. Keep in mind though that the show index figures the power and angle of your shooting, when you pull back an arrow. One more important aspect that you should take in consideration, when playing the game, is the "critical hits". In addition, you should be extremely aware of this one, because it can double the damage to your game, if for example your shoot's angle exceeds 45 degrees. You should also remember that Vitality is the amount of hits you want to kill your target or die.You can enjoy playing Bowman and at the same time you can test your archery skills. Above all, remember that you need to shoot accurately, power up and fire the arrow from the bow, as to kill your opponent stickman. It's up to you if you want to have fun, fighting against your computer or other players.

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